31 Ağustos 2011 Çarşamba

another colourful day

you guys are so smart...colour does make a bad day into a good day...and today was a good day full of colour so that must mean it was a super-great day!
this morning started with no broadband but it soon got fixed and it meant I had to spend a few hours away from the computer and making rainbows....lovely!
and when I was home for lunch the postman arrived with this parcel of loveliness.
rainbows can always be found here
fabrics are from FabricShoppe on Etsy
and are :: starburst/holiday, remix argyle/bright & groovestripe/summer
new workshop update :: draft lease received yesterday as promised. contacted solicitor today with my notes...all is in hand and going through the motions. (finally).
Easter egg update :: I love it that you all liked my Easter eggs! I will make a start on a couple of sets for the shop as requested and let you know on the blog when they are done :-)

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