27 Ağustos 2011 Cumartesi

box shock horror

today in Good Box News we have FIVE finished fabric boxes newly listed in the shop

I already had 3 completed and I just about managed to sew another 2 yesterday ...but then I gave up because I felt fed up/angry/sad because.....

In Bad Box News I've seen some photos of copies of my work... here are 2 pictures of my boxes ::

I know you've seen them before but take a good look...
and then take a look at photos taken from the copier's website ::

my lovely little pussy cat COPIED, my cute panda face COPIED

my owl COPIED

and worst of all my monkeys COPIED....I love my monkeys ... I made my first Monkey Face in January 2007 (Blogs are great for finding out things like that!)

I feel fed up


I have emailed the site but have had no response

I have emailed another UK crafter whose designs have also been copied on the same site and she's fed up too!


edited at 8.15pm to add ::

I have received an email and the boxes have now been removed from most of the site...I have asked that all the photos that show 'my' boxes be removed and hope they will be gone soon.

I have removed the link to their site as requested ... and now I'm off for a glass of wine!

I shall reply to your lovely comments in the morning, you are all superstars and have made me feel so much better!

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