12 Ağustos 2011 Cuma

a busy weekend

wow!! it seems that it's not only me that likes teeny tiny polka dot buttons...they have to be my fastest ever selling items!! but if you've missed them do not worry, I ordered some more today and they will hopefully be here by the end of the week...I will keep you posted on that!
Yesterday I indulged in a morning episode of Columbo on TV and produced another box of stationery printed, folded & cut and ready to be used, then I went to the workshop and started the task of bagging up stuffing... but I'll tell you about that fluffy job tomorrow (because I forgot to take photos!)...

...later in the day I finished this little lot...It's been my evening job for the whole of last week and I was so pleased to get them finished in good time ... I still have 36 little cats to make for the same order but they should be done by the end of this week....

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