11 Ağustos 2011 Perşembe

get ready to shop!

yay! a rainbow of teeny tiny polka dot buttons!

they are so teeny tiny I love them! ... they are in the shop here in individual colours and mixed bags...I haven't got many though so you'll have to be quick!!

I've also added a whole load of metre ribbon to the shop .... 26 new designs and some old favourites have returned too...they can be found spread out over 3 pages one, two & three
But the BEST thing has been a long time coming......

BULK spools of ribbon at bargain-ous prices! There are 82 different designs in grosgrain, satin, velvet and felt ric rac too! They are all on one page and are limited in number, so it really will be first come first served for these!

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