29 Ağustos 2011 Pazartesi

happy colours

Today I put the finishing touches to a custom order...I can't show the items in full because the customer hasn't seen them yet, but I should be able to show them in all their glory tomorrow...for now, here's a sneaky peek ::

Yesterday I had a disaster day.
I spent much of it trying to phone the solicitor, at attempt number 5 I finally got to speak to him (rather than his secretary) and guess what??? he still hadn't done very much!!
Afterwards I was so annoyed that when I picked the phone up to phone the estate agent (who is super helpful) I managed to drop the phone and it went down the back of the radiator and was wedged!! (I'm sure you can imagine this did nothing positive for the bad mood!!) luckily John managed to get it out for me!!

Today the estate agent called and it looks as though my annoyance has been felt and the ball is rolling....I should get the draft lease in the post tomorrow and once I have read all the comments etc I have to send it back, it then gets sent to the other solicitor who sends it to the landlord ...blah blah blah...another 2 weeks* and I should be able to move in!!
* 2 weeks in solicitor speak = whenever-they-feel-like-it-so don't-hold-your-breath

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