21 Ağustos 2011 Pazar

new workshop tour :: part 1

are you ready for a tour?

come through my front door and up the stairs and in front of you you will see a doorway to my making room ::

come in, come in....

take a look to your left so you can see the whole room

lets go back and see some more detail ... this is my area for my fabric and felt supplies, with plastic boxes on the wall for felt scraps

next is my cutting table, it's at standing height because I like to stand up to cut big items. Under the table are my drawers which are full of felt, with buttons in trays on the top. The drawers are on wheels and can be moved to my sit-down desk if I'm cutting smaller projects.

the pin board was made by my Dad and used to be in my bedroom when I was growing up, and will soon be filled with pretty pictures and mementos. Either side of the cutting table are two built-in cupboards, which both hold a lot of stuff

this one came complete with shelves fixed to the wall but the left hand cupboard was empty so I bought a little Ikea shelf to hold my things...

and on the other side of the room is my sit-down desk area

I have a table for my sewing machine, one for cutting &making and one for a desk...at the moment I am using my netbook but once BT have been and turned on the phone line I will get a PC and a printer...it'll be great to have a computer where I am working, rather than using the one at home like I do at the moment!

It's hard to believe that just a few days ago all this was in boxes!

* for eagle eyed blog readers,yes! there is a piece of wood against my window (there's a big flat roof out the back to get to it) and it is there because John has putty-ed and painted the window FOUR times and why does he need to keep doing it? because the seagulls eat it!!!I know, weird!

Once it is rock hard the wood will go and the seagulls can eat something else!

I'll be back with part 2 soon!

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