21 Ağustos 2011 Pazar

new workshop tour :: part two

as you know already when you come up the stairs you are looking at the making room ::

if you turn slightly to your right you see the door of the packing room ::

there's felt corner

huge table (but not as huge as it used to be!)

under huge table (felt side)

stock shelves

view of stock shelves from the window

under huge table (window side)

AND (my favourite bit) ribbon alcove!!

I just spent the day surrounded by ribbon unpacking a new delivery and I have filled this alcove to the brim .... this photo was taken yesterday so if you come back tomorrow you'll see a lot more ribbon here!!

That's it for the tour...there is one more room but that is the room that has all the empty boxes and mess in it...once it is sorted it's going to be a store room for packaging and deliveries etc ... oh, and I need to show you the kitchen and roof , and my view! No sea view, but lots of rooftops and seagulls :-)

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