20 Ağustos 2011 Cumartesi

ready made or made to order

I have always only ever sold Ready Made items in my shops...if you could see something for sale then it was ready for posting...I had to work that way because I had to fit the day job in somewhere! Now though, I have no day job, so I have been experimenting with Made-To-Order items (I started with my boxes)

Most of my Made-To-Order orders come from my NotOnTheHighStreet shop and because the Alphabet Boxes are going to be featured in their next catalogue (eeek!) I though it was high time I shook up my shop a bit! I'm re-doing the listings for all my boxes and am making swatches of all the colours and examples of all the embellishments ... I'm making samples of finished boxes too so all in all I've given myself a big job!

I've also made a new, smaller fabric box...and been having fun trying to decide which fabrics to make it in (I've ordered some already from Etsy, but it hasn't arrived yet)
If you sell handmade how do you do it...ready made or made to order?

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